My first blog

Published April 19, 2015

So, here we are. My first blog. What better topic for the first post than the blog itself?

I started writing some light CMS logic into my main site, which is built on Laravel, in preparation for my blogging debut. It was actually really cool, but I’d rather be writing on my game. There are some good Laravel-based blog packages out there… right? Well there are. Many. I didn’t see the point of evaluating them though, as the siren call of Wordpress grew ever louder.

If I’ve learned one thing during my five-ish-plus years of slapping together websites, it is that I don’t want to work with Wordpress. Not even for a personal blog, the very thing Wordpress is made for. I have now implemented a strict “No Wordpress” rule.

Hmm… what about static site generators? I’ve heard good things about them! I found a repo called Jekyll Now, which is a starting point for the Jekyll site generator app. It promised easy and fast setup. Yeah right, nothing is ever that easy. Not in the realm of web development.

So I started reading about Jekyll a bit and- wait what? My blog is up already? My subdomain is working?? I can just start writing now???

Huh. That was easy.

The style merge

Of course, my first priority was to make it look like my site (

git clone

jekyll serve

(As this post is not a tutorial, I have omitted some intermediary steps and simplified commands for dramatic effect… which I have now spoiled.)

And bam, I have it running locally. Then I just copied over the styles from and fixed up the markup that Jekyll Now provided to match the styles. I still had to fix up the styling some, but the gist is that, in a very short time, I had a blog up and running. That looked like my main site.

Had I gone with Wordpress, I would still be setting it up for sure.

My point being…

Static site generators are super easy to set up for anyone who doesn’t fear a little git and markdown. Really. It’s ludicrously simple.

Also, I need to give a shoutout to, a markdown editor that commits to your github-pages repo. With it, I get an online editor that I can use to blog from anywhere.

That’s it for the first post! Hope to see you return for more.