Developing Superpowers

Published April 23, 2015

Superpowers? Why is my site called “Develop Superpowers”?

As developers, we control computers. Increasingly, computers control the world. By extension, one can arrive to the conclusion that developers control the world. As far as the real world goes, it doesn’t really get any more superpowered than that. Well, at least until someone makes superhuman mutants or something.

Once you get the hang of programming, everything is within the realm of possibility. Wanna make a virtual world? Sure! Want to give computers intelligence and autonomous agency? Go for it!

Once you start thinking about it, programming is a superpower.

Do you have a superiority complex?

Certainly not! I am but a lowly web developer, my skills extend as far as making stuff happen in your browser. I’ve been at it for five-ish years, so I’m definitely not the best. I have mad respect for those who brave the unhospitable worlds “near the metal”, working with Assembly, C and processor software. Those people really do have superpowers. Not to mention the pioneers who started out with a napkin.

Programming is a life-long endeavour. There’s always new stuff to learn. If you get bored, well, pick up another language! The limit does not exist. I have no aspirations for making processor software, but I do know that if I keep up the coding, I’ll create something awesome.

It still seems like a superiority complex

I was really happy when I snagged the domain. Not only is it cool, but it conveys what I want to achieve with my site and this blog quite well.

I do not believe that programming is reserved for the selected few. The interest has to be there, sure, but the skills are available for anyone to learn. For free! Just type a few words into Google and you’ll find out what you want to know. Learning stuff in 2015 is really easy.

“Develop superpowers” is a command. A command to follow me on this journey that I have embarked upon. A journey to develop superpowers. On this blog I aim to post tutorials and other resources, adding to the vast library of learning material already out there. The code I write in my free time will always be public on Github. And when I find something interesting, or learn something new, in a blog post it goes.

Superpowers for everyone!